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A new generation of workers would find their future not deep

So, I about a 12D (close to E though) brannock and wear 11.5 in Viberg 2030, 12D in Buttero, 12E in Yuketen, 12E in Quoddy, 12D in Rancourt, 12 in Red Wing 875 (but can squeeze into a 11.5), 10.5 UK in Enzo Bonafe 804 (shoes only, not boots), 12D in Rider Boot 42/40 last (usually), 13 in Nikes, 12 in Adidas sneakers, and got these in a 11UK. These fit perfectly in an 11UK, snug with lightweight wool/medium weight cotton socks. No heel slip with medium weight socks, very minor heel slip with dress socks.


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